How we operate

At Portswood Primary Academy Trust, we are passionate about system-led change – the Trust is built upon the principle of schools supporting schools.

We are very open in our approach and readily share our resources and thinking both within the Trust and with schools in Portswood Teaching School Alliance (our Teaching School).

Our Teaching School was one of the first 100 designated Teaching Schools.

Portswood Primary Academy Trust originated from successful school improvement and partnership work in Southampton, which was led by Portswood Primary School.

The Trust’s approach is based on the National Support School and Portswood Teaching School Alliance models. Within the Trust there is significant expertise and a strong track record in supporting and working with schools in a variety of contexts. This support has included a range of strategies and models for school improvement. These typically include fixed term partnerships, Executive Headships, leadership coaching and school to school support at all levels.

Portswood Primary Academy Trust is seeking to further develop this approach as it expands.

The Trust is always striving to generate the necessary capacity and expertise in order to sustain and develop the performance of all of its Academies. At the same time, all schools staff and children within the Trust benefit from a strong ethos of support and collaboration. This includes opportunities for enhanced continuous professional development for staff, access to a range of central support services, informed peer to peer accountability and review and the sharing of expertise and joint practice development.

Portswood Primary Academy Trust’s schools work together with collegiate responsibility for the children in the Trust. The schools share best practice, training opportunities, support, guidance and professional development. At the same time it is recognised that each school is at the centre of their own local opportunities. It is very important that each school has the opportunity and freedom to respond to the needs of parents and children and create their own local solutions where appropriate but always with the joy of someone else to work and share ideas with.

As a Trust we celebrate diversity and individuality. We recognise that no school or community is the same; however, we have the same high expectations of everyone in the Trust and believe that with the support of the other schools, every school must provide good or better learning for each and every child.

An essential principle of the Trust is sustainable growth and ensuring that the necessary capacity and expertise is in place to deliver continual educational improvements. To deliver capacity, operational integrity and best value for public money, the Trust has developed a clear model of organisational structure and function for the fully formed organisation.

We pride ourselves on spotting, nurturing and developing our very best teachers, support staff and future leaders.