About Us

Portswood Primary Academy Trust is a family of schools that is growing.
Portswood Primary School was designated a National Support School in 2010 and formed Portswood Primary Academy Trust in 2012.

Portswood Primary School was one of the first Primary Schools to be designated a Teaching School in 2011.

Tanners Brook Primary School joined the Trust in September 2015


Supporting Schools

We have a proven track record of supporting schools in Southampton and Portsmouth.

We have Specialist Leaders of  Education, Lead Practitioners, Subject Lead Experts and a nationally recognised coaching programme.

Our provision will allow your senior leaders to concentrate on standards.

  • High quality Continuous Professional Development
  • Opportunities to work across our schools for different experiences
  • Supportive colleagues
  • Support opportunities at schools through our Teaching School work
  • Encouragement and support to become school leaders
  • Leadership support and development
  • Curriculum and Assessment support
  • High quality, terms servicing and repairs and maintenance
  • Professional payroll services
  • Best value for money and economies of scale

We ask Schools for a percentage levy of their budget share for central services.  We will provide quality:

  • HR support
  • IT management and technical support
  • Financial management support
  • Financial staff to process purchase orders and invoices
  • Estate and premises management
  • Marketing support

For more information, please see details of our Core Offer