About Us

Portswood Primary Academy Trust is a family of schools that is growing.
Portswood Primary School was designated a National Support School in 2010 and began a partnership with St Mary’s CE Primary School in 2011 which led to the creation of Portswood Primary Academy Trust in 2012.

Portswood Primary School was one of the first Primary Schools to be designated a Teaching School in 2011.

Stamshaw Junior School joined the Trust in April 2015 and Tanners Brook Primary School joined in September 2015


Supporting Schools

We have a proven track record of supporting schools in Southampton and Portsmouth.

We have Specialist Leaders of  Education, Lead Practitioners, Subject Lead Experts and a nationally recognised coaching programme.

Our provision will allow your senior leaders to concentrate on standards.

  • High quality Continuous Professional Development
  • Opportunities to work across our schools for different experiences
  • Supportive colleagues
  • Support opportunities at schools through our Teaching School work
  • Encouragement and support to become school leaders
  • Leadership support and development
  • Curriculum and Assessment support
  • High quality, terms servicing and repairs and maintenance
  • Professional payroll services
  • Best value for money and economies of scale

We ask Schools for a percentage levy of their budget share for central services.  We will provide quality:

  • HR support
  • IT management and technical support
  • Financial management support
  • Financial staff to process purchase orders and invoices
  • Estate and premises management
  • Marketing support

For more information, please see details of our Core Offer